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Our 3D Hand & Foot Casting Keepsake Kit offers you the once in a lifetime chance to reproduce the hand or foot of your (god-) child in 3D, with accurate details. The easy application allows a wide scope of design and provides you with a timeless keepsake to treasure Forever.

Do not miss this opportunity for yourself or as an exceptional gift idea on the occasion of childbirth, a christening and so on for family and godparents.

Preserve every precious detail! The amazing rubbery mold will capture tiny toenails, fingernails, dimples & footprints . . . even if baby wiggles!

It's simple, fast and fun. All you need is water and your child!

This kit contains the materials to do 1 complete casting. The materials in 1 (one) kit will accommodate a foot up to approximately an infant shoe size 3 and/or an infant hand up to approximately 9 months of age. See sizing guide below for more information.

 Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Mix the molding powder with water. Insert baby's foot or hand into the molding container. After about 75 seconds the mold sets. Wiggle baby's foot (or hand) out of the molding material.
  • Mix the bag of casting stone with water. Pour the casting mixture into the mold. Let the casting stone harden for two hours.
  • Tear open the mold and remove the statue.
  • Paint and Enjoy!


● Completely Safe: Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, 100% Biodegradable.

● Other items you will need (not included): bowl for mixing casting stone and liquid measuring.

● The statue(s) can be displayed alone or can be mounted on a plaque or put into a display box.


Production Explanation:

The older the child, the larger their hand and foot will be. You will need to purchase the correct amount of product to accomodate the hand or foot size. Please see our guide below:

Children 2 months to 1 years of age: 1 kit required for 1 hand or 1 foot.

Children 1 year to 2 years old: 2 kits required for 1 hand or 1 foot.

Children 2 years and older: 3 kits required for 1 hand or 1 foot.

Female Adult: 4 kits required for 1 hand.

Adult male: 5 kits required for 1 hand.


Package Includes:

100g x Molding powder
100g x Plaster
1 x Gold powder
1 x Silver powder
1 x Brush0........0.


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