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Have you been searching for great Bluetooth earbuds at an affordable price? Look no further! These wireless earbuds are a revolutionary design that fit great in the ear and are extremely lightweight and long lasting. Built with the latest Bluetooth V4.2 wireless technology for crystal clear audio and a 1,000mAh recharging case.

You can use this with an iPhone, Android and any other Bluetooth enabled device and it takes just seconds to pair. People absolutely love these earphones.


Ergonomic design, secure fit and removal of all troublesome wires tangling around your neck. These super small mini earbuds are ultra lightweight. 


With a built-in microphone, these earbuds will keep a connection to your device up to 33 feet away.


The new and improved lithium polymer battery allows for seamless enjoyment of music/voice up to 5 hours on a full charge. The 1,000mAh charging case allows for 10 recharges per earbud before needing a recharge.


Latest version of Bluetooth technology. Capable of connecting to two different devices simultaneously. It will also connect automatically with a phone that has been paired previously.


Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, Android, etc... Pairing to your phone only takes a few seconds.


  • Left and Right Earbuds
  • Charging Box & Cable
  • Earbuds Case 
  • User Manual 


  • Battery lifetime: music 2 to 3 hours, calling 3-5 hours, standby 100 hours
  • Charging time 1-2 hours
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and any other Bluetooth enabled device
  • Built-in Mic
  • A button on earphone to turn them on/off, changing songs and accept calls
  • Weight 5g each
  • Size: 50x1.1x1mm


    By, Groge on May 10, 2018


    Best Bluetooth earbud I have owned. I love it. It isn't noticeable when I'm wearing it and I can stream video or listen to music and no one knows! Great sound too & easy to charge. I will buy another if something happens to this one!

    By, Mittchel on May 9, 2018


    This Bluetooth earbud is very well made! It also fits well in the ear. It has a clear n concise sound and volume. It pairs up with my phone fast and it is easier to use. I'm happy with using this . The earbud stays in my ear and is comfortable.

    By, Regan on May 6, 2018


    Very nice fit and feel! Can barely tell this is in your ear, and gives off good sound. This comes with a magnetic charger thats on a USB stick, and is actually pretty cool! Has a led light to indication that it's charging.Very pleased with this purchase, good value!

    By, Dominic on May 5, 2018


    Just got this product and so far I really like it. It connects to my phone via bluetooth, i get really clear sound and everyone I have called says they can hear me perfectly on it. It sounds good with music also, playing time is so-so, considering the mini size, it is good enough.

    By, Adam on May 1, 2018


    I use this in a somewhat loud factory and it is awesome! I left my phone on a table once and walked in the the office and it was still playing, not that it was extremely far but it caught me buy surprise, my last one wouldn't let me do that. It is definitely loud enough for sure. I love it!

    By, Horton on April 29, 2018


    This was a great buy. I got this because I work in an industrial setting and still need to be able to hear what's going on around me. That being said the only comes with one earbud but the sound quality is great loud when you want it with deep bass battery life is beyond what is on the package, voice commands are in English again great buy!!

    By, Hyden on April 23, 2018


    Really like this little earpiece. I have used it to listen to audio books and podcasts and it is very handy and comfortable. I hardly know it's even there except that it has great sound. One issue is the one phone call I took while wearing it wasn't so good. The person on the other end of the line couldn't hear me. Not sure if the hearing issue is due to the signal or the microphone on the unit. Overall, this meets my needs exactly.

    By, James on April 21, 2018


    I love this! It's small and fits nice and snug. It is clear in hearing and very clear in hearing for the receiving person. The one button to answer makes it very easy to answer calls as well as to hang up.

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