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Bluetooth Pocket Printer Photo

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1. Bluetooth connection, mobile phone through the application to connect to the cloud to print. 
2. Memorandum, records, news, friends share. 
3. Super small, easy to store and carry. 
4. Strong compatibility, suitable for various brands of mobile phones. 
5. All the content information that the user sees on the mobile phone screen can be printed instantly. 

  • Use: Photo Printer 
  • Black printing speed: fast 
  • Paper delivery mode: Manual 
  • Support network printing: wireless 
  • Type: black and white 
  • Dot matrix printer: POS thermosensitive printer 
  • Color: white 
  • Print paper size: 57x30mm/2.24x1.18'' 
  • Size: 83 x 83 x 45mm/3.26x3.26x1.77'' 
  • Battery: 1000mA (built-in) 
  • Charge time: 1.5h 
  • Standby time: one week 
  • Charging port: 5V, USB interface 
  • Definition: 200 dPI 
  • Consumable specification: 57 x 30mm/2.24 x 1.18'' 
  • Connection: Bluetooth 
  • System: suitable for Android 4.0, suitable for iOS0.0 or above. 

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